AI & Biometrics

Element develops and distributes a mobile-based, software-only platform for biometric identity. As pioneers of mobile deep learning – and among the first in the field – Element works with partners around the world to build more efficient and inclusive societies. Element’s current focus is on Asia and Africa, where over 1 billion people lack proper identification. Element’s end-to-end biometric solutions are being used to build global immunization platforms, enable connected diagnostics, provide a digital identity resource for healthcare providers, and empower access to financial services, among others.

Adam Perold
Yann LeCun
Virtual & Augmented Reality

8i is a volumetric video technology company on a mission to enable people to experience human content and each other in the most realistic way through holograms. 8i’s proprietary technology transforms video from an array of cameras into a 3D hologram of a human that has true volume, and can be viewed from any angle, on any device in augmented, virtual or mixed reality.

Linc Gasking
Eugene d'Eon
Joshua Feast
Consumer Internet & Media

iflix is the leading subscription video-on-demand service focused on emerging markets.

Patrick Grove
Mark Britt

Agate is the leading gaming developer in Indonesia. The company focuses on developing quality games for entertainment, training, advertising and education for its corporate clients.

Arief Widhiyasa
Shieny Aprilia
Wiradeva Arif
Logistics & E-commerce

aCommerce provides end-to end solutions for e-commerce companies (retailers, brands and manufacturers) in Southeast Asia, through technologies and services that connects all of the e-commerce value chains. The company is present in Thailand (HQ), Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, with over 260 brand clients, including Samsung, Unilever and Nestle.

Paul Srivorakul
Enterprise Software

Bizzy is a B2B marketplace that transforms the corporate procurement process. The company integrates tech and provides fulfillment centers (in partnership with aCommerce) in order to streamline processes. Its features include buying tools for B2B procurement, enterprise procurement tools, employee purchase and soon lending/lender center. The company provides various corporate products, from notebooks to cleaning and automotive.

Andrew Mawikere
Norman Sasono
Peter Goldsworthy

Summit Healthcare is a medical training and simulation company that focuses on the advancement of healthcare professionals and continuing health education, especially in Indonesia. The company offers a blended training method, incorporating tech and hands-on approach for scalable learning. It partners with leading international and Indonesian healthcare institutions, including the American Heart Association, Medtronic and HIPERCCI.

Luke Roush
Novita Ciputra
Enterprise Software

Gadjian is a cloud-based human resources management and payroll platform company targeting SMEs in Indonesia.

Afia Fitriati
Else Fernanda
Enterprise Software

Jojonomic provides mobile, cloud-based expense and financial management solutions targeting SMEs in Indonesia.

Indrasto Budisantoso